Terms of Use

Insurance and Accreditation

It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold the correct accreditation for your modality. Please provide relevant documentation when you submit your proposal to Evolve.

It is also your responsibility to hold current public liability insurance. Until proof of insurance is provided your booking will not be confirmed. Please ensure you stay up to date with your Insurance requirements.

Should your Insurance lapse, your classes/event will be suspended until Insurance is renewed and any paid rental fees will not be refunded.

Covid Guidelines

As per QLD Government guidelines. Evolve must adhere to restrictions regarding the number of people using the space being 1 person per 4 square meters. Given the floor space at Evolve this means 17 people including facilitators.

We ask anyone who is feeling unwell, displaying symptoms or has been a close or casual contact to stay home and follow government advice until it is safe to return to the space.

Please ensure any mats and blocks used are wiped down after use. Bolsters must be covered with a pillow case. Please also wipe down the workbench and pens used after use.

When hiring the space it is your responsibility to follow to be aware of and follow any guidelines that might be relevant to your event.

Payment and Cancellation

Hall hire rate is $25/hour. Set-up and pack down time is not charged. For workshops and events, payment is required at the time of booking. You will be invoiced accordingly. We understand that cancellations may sometimes occur. In the event cancellation notice is provided more than 1 months prior notice 100% of the cost (minus $25 admin fee) will be refunded. Cancellation less than one month prior no refund will be issued.

For ongoing classes/sessions payment for the month is required one month in advance. You will be invoiced accordingly at the start of each month. Please advise prior to the month starting if you need to alter your timetable for that month. Any class/session cancellations that occur once the month has started will not receive a refund. Should you need to cancel a class, please contact Meaghan so a notification can be provided via the Evolve socials. Where timetable changes or cessation of classes should occur we would appreciate one months notice, so that we can let your guests know in advance. 


Marketing and Promotion

Once you have confirmed your booking, if you would like to be included on the Evolve Airlie’s events page, please send through wording and an image to promote your event. Please also set up and event on facebook and make Evolve a co-host, so that your event shows up on our facebook events page also. When promoting your event on Instagram be sure to tag @evolveairlie to increase awareness of your events. 

Set-Up and Pack-Down 

Evolve is first and foremost a community oriented space. Please be considerate of others who also use this space and make your footprint as light as possible so that the next facilitator has a seamless set-up for their session.

For events we will try and ensure you have a 30min window (or more) to set up your space. For ongoing classes there will be a minimum of 15 mins (or more). Please be aware of the timetable or other events following your own, to ensure that your time does not encroach on someone else’s.

Please feel free to set the room up as you wish (please consider social distancing guidelines when you do this). 

To make set-up easier for you, you will find coloured markers on the studio floor. These markers line up with a mat at its front and center.

  • Green allows 12 mats for forward facing orientation
  • Red allows for 15 mats for forward facing orientation
  • Yellow allows for 12 mats facing the center of the room OR 16 mats placed along the edge of the room.

If using candles, please ensure that you use candle holders (there are some provided at the studio cupboards). In the event that wax is spilled, please wait for it to cool and then remove it completely. Our cleaner hates candle wax and is slightly terrifying, I’d rather avoid her wrath!

If food is consumed during your session please ensure that any perishable food, or food likely to attract ants, flies or vermin is disposed of ‘off-premises’. Ensure that any crumbs or other items are swept out of the studio after use. 

Via prior arrangement you are welcome to use the props that Evolve has stored in the cupboards on the right. You will have the following available to you;

  • 15 mats
  • 15 straps
  • 30 blocks
  • 15 bolsters *please use pillow slips to cover, availability of these may change due to Covid
  • 30 blankets *availability of these may change due to Covid 

Please use pillow cases over bolsters and store used cases in the basket provided. Please ensure that mats, blocks or other equipment used is wiped down after use.

When returning props to the cupboard please store them correctly and consider the next facilitator/guests to be using the equipment. You will find a photo of how props are stored to keep them as neat as possible for all to use. 

Air-Conditioning and Fan Instructions

You will find two remote controls for the air conditioning on the workbench 

Please only adjust the ‘temp’, ‘mode’ & ‘fan’ buttons

Most of the time the air con will be set on cool at 24 degrees. It takes only a short while for the room to cool down. Please allow yourself time before your session to turn the aircon on and give it time to workPlease DO NOT set the temp any lower than 24 degrees, even if you are running late and want to cool the room down quickly.

Make sure you turn the air con off before you leave. Should you fail to turn the aircon off, you will receive one reminder and any breaches after that will incur a $10 fee 

When using the fans, you will find a wooden rod hanging near the workbench, you can use this to turn the fans ‘on’ (second button from the bottom) and ‘off’ (button on the bottom)


Soundbar is permanently set for Bluetooth capacity

You will find a black remote on the workbench which you can use to ‘pair’ your device or to adjust the volume

Should you need batteries for either air con or soundbar remotes you will find these stored on the shelves near the workbench.


There are men’s and women’s lavatories located at the back of the building next door. If you are holding an evening event you might like to turn the lights on to make them easier to see for guests. Please ensure that you turn the lights off as you leave the premises.


Evolve Airlie has been created as a positive community space. As such, any negative discussion about other facilitators, other events or outside offerings will not be tolerated. 

Should any of the above-mentioned be breached, or the space be disrespected Evolve Airlie holds the right to terminate usage without notice. 

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